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The Martian Federation Society
Copyright 2017 by Raul E, Lopez, MD
Our goal is to raise money to send a prospecting probe to the Moons of Mars as a first step towards resource extraction and, later, colonization. We plan to raise money two ways. Phobos Deimos Inc. will look for large investors and The Martian Federation will allow small donors to participate in the adventure with a chance of receiving a monetary reward upon success. For that purpose the Martian Federation will partner with Phobos Deimos Inc.

Our long term plan is to colonize and settle Mars, its moons, Mars orbit and the asteroids. Colonization is not simply conducting scientific experiments. It means expanding humans civilization by creating self supporting cities with families, farms, factories, mines, houses of worship, and schools, and which serve as places where people are born, live and spend their life. To achieve this goal soon, it needs to be done in the correct stages. In the first four stages we will focus on Phobos and Deimos (PhD), the moons of Mars. The reason for this is that from a cost and energy point of view these are the most accessible objects in the solar system, even more accessible than our own moon and they probably contain ice below the surface. Therefore, our plan has the following stages (1) a robotic prospecting mission to PhD (2) robotic mining missions (3) missions to establish a manned mining base (4) missions to permanently settle the moons (5) then missions to Mars surface.

Consequently, the first step is to land exploratory scientific spacecraft on the moons of Mars to determine whether they contain water, organic compounds, and precious metals. Our landers would have plaques claiming the moons of Mars for the Martian Federation Society and the landers would begin the task of exploring the moons in preparation for resource utilization and settlement. No one has yet placed a lander on these objects so they are worthy goals for exploration. They would also test preliminary mining techniques. If we discover ice, or precious metals, then they become worthy objects for mining. We would then use that information to try to finance a mining mission which would bring back useful material back to Earth orbit where it would be sold. The mining missions would use reusable vehicles, some would stay on Mars and some would act as shuttles, cycling between Earth orbit and PhD. They would, in turn, finance the manned missions.

We are looking for crowd funding and promise to distribute any profits generated by long term success in an equitable manner to our members. We estimate that sending landers to both moons of Mars should cost less than $100 million USD. That is $20 per year from one million persons over five years. Be part of this exciting future and take a chance to make a significant profit!

The goal of the Martian Federation Society is to establish a viable human settlement on or near Mars. In order to fund the establishment of this colony we will accept private donations. In exchange we will offer membership in the society and the commitment that any future revenues will be distributed proportional to an established formula based on the amount of donations and date of donations.

The Martian Federation was one of the first web sites on the internet promoting the colonization of mars using private funds. The brain child of Raúl E. López, MD (ophthalmologist) it first came on line November 14, 2001. After getting tens of thousands of hits over many years it became less active as Dr. López pursued other life goals. However, as the world population grows and economies become more globally connected the need for a new frontier and a new beginning are greater and more urgent than ever. We are now in the process of revamping the site with the goal of establishing a viable organization based on a similar but updated business model to try to start the first permanent settlement in space in the next 20 years. Come join us in this great adventure!